The Progressive Center for Pan American Project (PCPAP) represents an attempt to curb
inequalities and discrimination faced by the Latino/Hispanic American communities. The
injustices exist due to problematic economic barriers, the racial stereotypes promoted by
entertainment and mass media in the United States, and the general alienation presented by
The PCPAP is committed to anti-imperialist and anti-fascist struggles. The US government and
corporate powers also imposes its imperialist neoliberal policies onto the countries of Latin
America. These policies historically have been in the form of sanctions, regime change, and
even fascist death squads being trained by the United States military through Western
Hemisphere Institute Security Cooperation. The destabilization of nations has led to massive
refugee migration movements to the United States which has made it increasingly difficult to
seek refuge and gain citizenship.
The PCPAP is committed to combating structural issues that interfere with the pursuit of equality
for Latin Americans and Latino descendants. Through this work, we aim to build a peaceful and
just society in all of the Americas.
“These countries are not underdeveloped, they are over-exploited.” – Michael Parenti


Statement on Coup in Peru

December 12th, 2022 New York, USA The Progressive Center for Pan-American Project (PCPAP) stands firmly with Peru’s working, rural masses protesting the right-wing coup against President Pedro Castillo, and we especially support their calls for a popular constitutional assembly and new elections. Peru has been retained independence for 201 years, but the war of liberation continues to be waged. On December 7th, 2022, democratically elected Peruvian President Pedro Castillo issued a decree dissolving the republic’s congress, held by a right-wing majority, along with calling to draft a new constitution. Within hours, President Castillo was arrested by authorities on charges of …

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Haiti’s Extreme Oligarchical Exploitation

The people of Haiti continue to fight against an exploitive, imperialist backed regime under President Ariel Henry’s rule. Henry took office in July of 2021 after the previous president Moise was assassinated. In September 2022, workers took to the street in a general strike after president Henry increased austerity. Haiti has been ransacked by imperialist western powers and business interests. As the poorest country in North America, Haiti is indicative of capitalist exploitation. The top 10% of the Haitian population controls 62% of the wealth while the bottom 50% controls only 4%. Neoliberal reforms have paved the way for Haiti’s …

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